The complete in-house packaging solution.

As global efforts to reduce waste in logistics and packaging are intensified, reusable packaging has become a vital component of any supply chain. The Flexus product focus is entirely on packaging with circularity and efficiency. Whether you need a textile, foam, polyurea, or plastic solution to your packaging requirements, we will create and design a custom dunnage solution that maximizes efficiency, reduces waste in materials and logistics, and eliminates the need for one-time use packaging. With growing facilities in Canada and Mexico, we are well positioned to serve our customers across North America.

Browse the photo galleries below to see examples of projects we’ve done. Click one of the tags to jump to any particular type of project you are interested in.





Tote inserts

Roll over stitching

TEXTILE project examples

CNC Routing

3-Axis CNC routing

Plastic, Plywood, Foam

CNC routing project examples

Waterjet cutting

5-axis waterjet cutting

Foam, rubber, corrugated plastic

waterjet cutting project examples

CNC Milling

3-axis CNC milling

Plastic and foam

CNC milling project examples

CNC Turning

Plastic, steel, aluminum

CNC Turning project examples

Post Processing

Dunnage assemblies



Foam bonding

Sonic welding

Die cutting

Post Processing project examples

Polyurea Coating

Increase durability, longevity, abrasion, and chemical resistance

Apply to foam, plastic, metal, and PSA tape components

polyurea coating project examples